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21st June 2017
Five things you need to know about property extensions

Five things you need to know about property extensions

Are you considering adding a property extension to your home? Building an extension has many advantages such as adding value to your home and eliminating the need to move home which can be a costly and time-consuming experience.

There are many things that you need to consider when you are thinking about extending your home, Here are some of them:

Do you live in a Conservation area?

A conservation area is where local planning authorities have designated an area that is of special historic or special architectural interest and that it is desirable to preserve the character and/or appearance.

Living in a conservation area (of which there are 7000 in England alone) means that there are greater building restrictions in place which can impact on any building works such as basement conversions or property extensions.

Right to Light

It is worthwhile noting that neighbours may try and block your property extension planning application by claiming that this affects their ‘right to light’ to one or more of their windows. Easement in English law gives a long-standing owner of a building with windows a right to maintain their level of illumination.

This can prevent your planning application from being successful, if they claim that it is preventing light that is reasonably required for the use of the building.

However, it does not mean that your exten¬sion cannot obstruct a neighbour’s window or view, or reduce the amount of sunlight entering – this would be classified under planning considerations

Site Insurance

Typically, most home insurance providers won’t cover the building if you are undertaking a basement conversion or a property extension. If you are considering undertaking building works to your home, you will need to take out site insurance.

Building Regulations

It is important that you acquire building regulations for your property extension or conversion. Building Regulations sets out minimum requirements for fire safety, structural integrity, energy efficiency, ventilation, damp proofing and other aspects that endure a building is safe to be used.

Home extensions and loft conversions along with new chimneys or flues will all need approval.

Listed Buildings

If you live in a listed building, you may be restricted into what potential property extensions or conversions that you can implement. If you are eligible to potentially make changes, you will still need to apply for both planning and listed building consent.

The design of any extensions to a listed building need to be of a very high quality and it will be necessary to use the services of a specialist architect or surveyor.

At Croft Preservation, we have a wealth of experience in building property extensions and we can provide you with the best possible advice and a range of different options for extending or reconfiguring your home, with individual solutions tailored to your needs.Why not contact us today?



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