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14th December 2017
What are the effects of poor ventilation?

What are the effects of poor ventilation?

Poor ventilation can have a significant impact on our health and well-being, especially when it comes to indoor environments like your home.

Without proper air circulation, indoor spaces can become a breeding ground for harmful pollutants and toxins, leading to a range of negative health effects. From respiratory issues and headaches to more serious conditions like asthma, the consequences of poor ventilation can be severe.

Additionally, inadequate ventilation can also contribute to problems like condensation, mould growth, and uncomfortable living conditions. In this article, we'll explore the various symptoms and effects of poor ventilation and why sufficient ventilation is so important.

Signs of poor ventilation


Condensation is especially prevalent during the colder winter months, as the difference in temperature between the cold outdoors and warm indoors is at its most dramatic. Moisture will build up in the air of your home as you breathe, take a shower, cook or dry clothes and condense on windows and walls.

The easiest way to combat this is to open your windows and let fresh air circulate throughout your home, or use an extractor fan. If you are concerned with the condensation in your home, contact our team to help provide a solution to your problem.

Mould growth

Poor ventilation and high humidity in your home can eventually lead to the build up of mould on your floors, walls, ceiling and even furniture. Mould is easily identified by  black or green spotting and a musty smell and can cause health problems, such as allergic reactions and cold-like symptoms.

We are experts in providing damp proofing solutions for those affected by mould infestations, and will help improve the ventilation in your property.

Damaged walls

High levels of moisture in the air of your home can wrinkle and peel wall paint, leading to possible health issues and extra maintenance costs.

Lingering odours

With poor ventilation, bad smells will linger in your home, as there is no movement of air to remove them. Not only is this off-putting for yourself and guests, If the odours you are constantly breathing in are smoke related, or another harmful chemical, it can lead to long-term health issues.

Low oxygen levels

Poor ventilation will result in an eventual build up of carbon dioxide and little oxygen, which means you could suffer from shortness of breath, headaches and fatigue.

How to improve ventilation at home

For more information on how to address insufficient ventilation, be sure to check out our other relevant blogs and guides:


Do you have a dampcondensation or ventilation  problem in your home or business in Dorset? We can solve your problem quickly and effectively. Contact a member of our expert team on 01202 737739 today.

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