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8th May 2018
How does a damp proofing chemical injection work?

How does a damp proofing chemical injection work?

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How exactly does a damp proofing chemical injection work in preventing damp in your property and what is the method involved? We discuss all you need to know. We offer chemical injections with a 20 year guarantee as part of our damp proofing service.

How does a chemical injection work?

A chemical injection is the quickest method available to damp proof your property and involves injecting a damp proof cream into holes that are drilled into the mortar joints of your wall. The cream is designed to penetrate deep into the masonry and lines pores and capillaries with a waterproof coating in order to create a barrier against rising damp.

What is involved in a chemical injection damp proof course?

Both internal and external walls must be prepped properly before beginning a damp proof injection. If you are already suffering from rising damp, then you may see signs of a tide mark both on your inner and outer walls. It is important that you remove all damaged and contaminated plaster before proceeding with the chemical injection, as well as remove skirting boards and radiators in the area.

Holes must be drilled to specific specifications, otherwise the effectiveness of the damp proof injection could be compromised. Holes should follow the mortar joints in a line and you should never drill directly into brick or stone.


Holes should be 150mm above ground level with a 12mm drill bit to a depth of 10-20mm from the opposite wall face and 120mm centres. This step is extremely important and can often be done incorrectly. It’s therefore wise to employ the help of a professional such as ourselves before attempting it.

Finally, inject the cream using a low pressure sprayer into the drilled holes in the mortar joints and leave to coat the pores and capillaries of your masonry effectively.

We offer an effective chemical injection damp proof course to help protect your home against rising damp and it even comes with a 20 year guarantee! We are local experts in Dorset & Hampshire for all damp problems, contact us today!

Cardiff flats left damp-ridden by cladding removal

Cardiff flats left damp-ridden by cladding removal

15th August 2019

Due to fire-safety concerns following the Grenfell Tower disaster in 2017, which was exacerbated by the presence of substandard cladding, councils have been removing cladding from tower blocks that they consider a fire safety hazard. This is exactly what happened to Lydstep flats in Gabalfa, Cardiff. However, according to residents, this has resulted in significant damp and mould problems to appear.

Category: Damp
What is Woodworm?

What is Woodworm?

7th August 2019

Contrary to its name, woodworm is in fact a generic term that refers to various types of woodboring beetle and larvae commonly found throughout the UK. These little pests can attack almost any type of timber, from furniture and floorboards to joists and rafters, and can cause serious structural damage if left untreated. Fortunately, woodworm is fairly easy to spot as the beetles leave distinctive exit holes and a powdery dust on the wood’s surface.

Category: Woodworm
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